I'm An LGBT Woman Attending Black Pride For The First Time. Here's Why

Pride is a protest. And the economic and career prospects for ethnic minority LGBT+ people like me do not look bright in Brexit Britain, campaigner Lauren Pemberton-Nelson writes

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Ethnic minorities call for People’s Vote amid Brexit worries

From broken promises to curry house owners to a spike in hate crimes, there are plenty of Brexit concerns for minority communities.

Belonging to an ethnic minority in the UK encompasses a whole range of diverse experiences and issues. But whichever community you come from, the chances are you’ll have concerns about Brexit. Addressing these worries, and getting ethnic minority voices heard, is the driving force behind the new campaign Ethnic Minorities for a People’s Vote.


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Don’t let Tory sound and fury conceal the real victims of Brexit

With all the chaos and infighting of the Tory Brexit tribes, it is tempting for Labour folk to just sit back and watch the spectacle unfold. The mess over the pulled meaningful vote and the failed but damaging ERG coup has provided quite a sideshow to the debate. But while we have all been appalled by the antics of the Conservative Party, our black and ethnic minority communities have particular reason for concern.

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These Young Women Want A ‘People’s Vote’ On Brexit And Say It’s All About Our Rights

“My reason for being involved was representation,” adds Bella. “Any movement I’m involved in, I need to see women and people of colour because that’s what I identify as" 

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Neither delivering Brexit nor a new prime minister will provide a solution to this crisis

Campaigner LAUREN PEMBERTON-NELSON says three years on since the EU referendum things are getting worse, not better. Especially for ethnic minorities and those in the LGBT+ community.

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A People's Vote is the only way forward - and the prime minister knows it

The prime minister has a knack of categorically ruling something out before the opposite happens. BELLA FRIMPONG says a People's Vote is the only way forward.

Looking at the front pages it’s clear there is now only one political issue that is making the running.

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Voices After Brexit, black women will be less safe when giving birth in Britain. Leaving the EU is dangerous

Ethnic minority women already have significantly poorer outcomes from pregnancy compared to white women. If Brexit goes ahead, the NHS will see an even bigger drop in standards of care

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This Is How Brexit Will Further Damage The Health Of Black Women In Britain

The NHS already neglects black women and Brexit will make things worse

By now, it’s clear to many that Brexit risks having a devastating impact on the NHS. The possibility of the delay in receiving medicine, longer waiting times and rising vacancies puts the health of many at danger. So things will be worse for demographics who are already in a disadvantaged position. While there has been some discussion on how Brexit will impact women’s health, not enough attention of the medical consequences women potentially face at the hands of Brexit has been covered in enough depth. The health implications that Brexit has for ethnic minorities have had even less consideration. And there has been no attention paid to people like me - ethnic minority women - who intersect between both categories, and will have it worse than both white women and ethnic minority men in some cases.

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Why we're heading to Parliament

Young people from across the United Kingdom will gather in the House of Commons as it is packed out with MPs for Prime Minister's Questions. BELLA FRIMPONG and PHOEBE POTTER explain why.

This week, the prime minister abandoned the most important vote in the House of Commons for a generation, because she knows she cannot secure a Parliamentary majority of her proposed Brexit deal

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Brexit has left EU citizens ostracised and anxious – and now it’s even taken away their right to vote

Only weeks before they were due to take place, the government were insisting the European elections would not be held. Is there any wonder then that the necessary measures weren’t put in place to allow all who were eligible to vote?

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